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We are YonSon

YonSon Embroidery is a professional factory engaged in embroidery/special embroidery, it was established in 2011, 87 employees, has a professional Embroidery design development team. Our embroidery are mainly for embroidery processing on clothing, bags, shoes enterprises etc, and provide development and technical support. We take "quality,technology,integrity,innovation,transcendence" as our core value, and hope that through our superior technology and constant pursuit of innovative ideas for the industry image, to promote, to provide services to promote art embroidery.
We are in KeQiao,Shaoxing, textile city of China, has been adhering to the customer demand as the core of the service concept and service at home and abroad well-known enterprises Armani fish, Nike, and other well-known brands have a long-term in-depth cooperation. 2013 our introduced international advanced special embroidery equipment, after many years of accumulated experience, and strong R & D, quality inspection team assurance system, our products have a high standard, high quality, high efficiency, low price guarantee.
Contains a mature technology, in many years of development, we have all kinds of special embroidery: Flat embroidery, towel embroidery, toothbrush embroidery, letter embroidery, sequin embroidery, plush embroidery, flocking embroidery, bead embroidery, computer embroidery beads,M 3d embroidery, embroidered rope wheel. The rope belt embroidery, Applique embroidery, embroidered rope bag, India spring embroidery, chain embroidery, imitation gemstone embroidery, cross stitch, embroidery beads and 2mm~22mm beads embroidery, laminated embroidery, gold embroidery, embroidery embroidered 3D, three-dimensional hollow. Hollow three-dimensional embroidery, laser camera, at the same time the company is devoted to developing new types of embroidery.
 The number of years to uphold our fundamental quality, service, customer supreme principle, has become one of local larger embroidery factory, is the best technology partner of clothing/shoes/bag company, add color to fashion, to provide protection for the brand to win. Many well-known Chinese and foreign enterprises designated our factory embroidery processing as long-term partners, welcome friends at home and abroad of new and old customers to come to consult, talk.

YonSon Embroidery

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